One glorious word that conjures up images of rest, restoration, refreshing. A break from the norm. I’m not the first person to take one, and I won’t be the last. University professors have been doing it for years, but thankfully it’s catching on more in other mainstream careers. I know of multiple creatives who take fairly regular Sabbaticals.

But why now? Business is booming, and I am as busy as one photographer can handle.

That’s exactly why it’s needed.

Because honestly, I’m really, really tired. Not just sleepy. My whole being is in a state of exhaustion, partially due to this being my 10th year of being a “solopreneur,” partially due to being a creative, and partially due to my personal life. It turns out that the things we’re experiencing outside of business can affect our business pretty greatly! I reached a point where I realized that I wasn’t able to really give clients my best, my A-game. And everyone deserves my A-game. So, I’m taking some time to hit the reset button and to come back better than ever, with fresh ideas and a new, rested lease on life.

And so, I just decided to go for it.

Sabbatical-1-2My husband and I talked about it first when the idea came to me, and he (being less familiar with the concept) asked me what it was all about. “Rest and trust,” I said. It’s a rest from the grind, from the daily activities that provide a living, and a trust that the One who provides everything doesn’t actually need me and can, in fact, still provide for me whether I’m putting my nose to the grindstone or not. I’m really looking forward to experiencing both of these things during this time, and I’m really glad to be with someone who has been supportive of this.

I’m also not taking a break from creativity altogether. In fact, I think it will be an extremely rich time artistically! I’m taking a hip hop dance class, planning to join a figure drawing class (drawing has always been my first love, after all), and will be perching in a dear friend’s studio/office several days a week to reflect, refresh, and create. I’ll be sure to share some of the work that comes from this time, but only on my personal Instagram: @allisonmoix13

They look like they know how to take it easy! (from a trip to Nicaragua, Jan 2016)

I’ve brought on my first staff member just in time for this Sabbatical, and I’m looking forward to seeing how, as a team, we can take Stellar Propeller Studio to the next level. She moved here from Atlanta last week to join the team, she shot mine and Cameron’s wedding, and I’ve known her since she was a baby (because she’s my dear cousin… but more like a sister). If you live in Colorado Springs, chances are you’ll see here around more this month, covering events and other shoots for me. Feel free to give her a hug if you run into her; she’s a great hugger 🙂

me abbey
Meet Abbey, Stellar Propeller’s newest team member (on Left).

I’m looking forward to the rest and to making more beautiful imagery with you upon my return. Thank you for being so supportive; almost everyone I’ve told about this Sabbatical has responded with, “Good for YOU.”

I’m hoping this is exactly what this time will be: good for me.

See you in a month!


I’m looking forward to lots of reading, new books and old journals and things like that.
Bokeh in Verona.
Rest. Reflect. Re-engage. Those are the 3 stages of my Sabbatical.
I want to spend time in nature!
Being a full-time photographer is WONDERFUL, but has left little time for exploring the other disciplines of art. I’m looking forward to reconnecting.




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