Love on the Playground. [ my continued friendship with PVBC ]


love on the playground,
love on the playground,

The beauty of recurring photo shoots (especially at a place like a preschool) is that you get to watch kids grow up, lose more teeth, change their hair, lose their lisps, etc. etc. It’s a precious thing, and photographing at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church Daycare is something I look forward to every year! Another beautiful thing about the recurring photo shoot is that you get to watch romances rise and fall, from the red slide to the monkey bars and all over the wood chip playground. Love is in the air. When I first met Dylan, he was madly in love with Rose. Rose enjoyed Dylan, too, but somehow at the ripe age of 4 she had already learned the art of playing it cool (wish I could’ve taken some lessons from her at age 16). My favorite story I’ve heard about these 2 is Dylan’s very public declaration of his affections for “Wose” or “Wosie” on the playground one day. He had been playing with her in the sandbox (classic), then she kinda mosied off and was playing with some other kids, much to Dylan’s dismay. So he walked out into the middle of the playground, threw his arms wide open, and began to just say her name over and over. “Wosie! … Wosie! … WOSIE!!!”

Eventually, one of the teachers yelled back at him, “Dylan, nobody likes a desperate man!”

And that was that.

One year I returned to take pictures and “Wosie” was no longer at PVBC. (sigh)

I heard that Dylan moved on and is doing quite well with his cool haircut and winning smile at the local Elementary school, having dreams of being a Nascar driver and a firefighter.


Dylan Rose 2
A few years later… a little more mature, a little more hair gel… still as smitten as ever.
the cuties of PVBC
the cuties of PVBC in 2013
Which kid in the photo were YOU?
Every class has one! Which kid in the photo were YOU?
through the years...
2012, 2013, 2014 (his smile KILLS me!)
the best smirks.
the best smirks.

So, long story short – I love recurring photo shoots, I love kids, and I love PVBC! If you’re in Colorado Springs and looking for a fun, educational, and caring place to send your little ones, give them a call! All the teachers refer to the kids as “friends” – how great is that?   😉

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