One of my greatest joys in life and privileges of being a photographer is the ability to travel frequently and experience stories around the world. The last time I traveled to Haiti, I went with Help-Portrait, a non-profit formed to help photographers give back to those in need. We spent several days at different schools and communities doing portraits for families and students, some of whom had never had a photo of themselves! We printed it off right there for them to take home, and the looks on their faces when they held the print in their hands were priceless. Help Portrait’s slogan is “A picture is worth,” and I experienced the truth of that firsthand.

I’m still missing a few continents but have had the joy of traveling to many countries throughout the world. Even though it’s not possible to fully encapsulate with photos, I can’t help but try and capture the beauty, mystery, and uniqueness of every place I visit. Here are some of my favorite photos from being on the road.