Lake Tahoe Wedding

I love all my brides and grooms. Really, I do! I can’t think of any that I wouldn’t want to actually hang out with. But, every now and again, a  wedding comes along that I am chomping at the bit (& possibly salivating a little) at the thought of photographing. For me, in 2016, this was that wedding.

I have spent quite a bit of time in California, but never the glorious land of Tahoe. I’m from Colorado, so you’d think I wouldn’t be freaking out at the sight of mountains. But you would be wrong because mountains + water is a step up from mountains alone, and the combining those two is like adding fire to the gunpowder. It. Is. Breathtaking. The dreamiest backdrop of all.

And then there’s Lindsey and Clay, who happen to be wonderfully photogenic and a blast to be around. It was a recipe for a great weekend, and it absolutely was. Lindsey and Clay collect friends who are as enjoyable as they are, who have now become friends of mine, too! This often happens at destination weddings; they just draw people together. I guess it’s because people are out of their element, in vacation mode, and in a good mood about celebrating and love and good food. Being at this wedding actually sealed the deal for me in deciding to plan a destination wedding for myself in May! 

Thank you, Lindsey and Clay, for such an epic celebration, a killer dance party, and for being so easy on the eyes. It was an honor to join you for this glorious weekend.

Hair : Cortney Knudson hair (
Makeup : Kiss and Makeup

Venue/Caterer : West Shore Cafe

Rings : Sebastien Barier  (hers) and Tiffany & Co. (his)

Cake : Witts Cakes
DJ : Pete Goslow
Florist : Karen Tillitt, Floral by Karen
The West Shore Cafe & Inn


I want to shoot on this dock for the rest of my life.


Their signature drink of the evening, a toasty whiskey concoction to keep the guests nice and warm.


Ceremony on the dock.


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