Wedding Photography: How Important is it to “Mesh” with your Photographer?

These days photographers are popping up everywhere.  If you’re in the market for an important shoot, like let’s say a wedding, there is a ton to think about when selecting a great photographer.  Here’s something brides (and maybe grooms and moms) often miss. . .

“Do I really mesh with this photographer?”

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer

How important is it for your personality to mesh with your photographer?  For a wedding, it’s pretty important.  Just think, this is a momentous and spectacular occasion, you’ll want someone who can capture the day’s perfect moments, and that someone with the camera, well, they will be with you, and your family, and your friends, and that particular aunt, and your precious but very hyper nephew ALL DAY LONG.

So yes, it’s important you mesh with your photographer.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer
The right photographer can bring out a perfect moment.
Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer
I love getting to know the wedding couples I photograph.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Here are my tips to make sure it’s a match made in heaven:

1. Set up a meeting with the actual photographer and talk about your dreams and their style.  (If they are too busy to meet, or that’s just not that company’s style, consider this an omen)

2. Assess the photographer’s personality and how they’ll work with that bossy aunt, or that screaming nephew, and how they’ll interact with you.  Are they very orderly, driven, professional?  Are they cool, laid back, and fun?  Will they bring out the best in you and your guests?  Will they handle the days pressure well? Do you like them? <—That’s a big one.

3.  Assess the photographer’s style.  Maybe you really love the traditional shots, or maybe you’re after the out of the box creative pictures.  Ask for their portfolio and see if their style is right for you.

4.  Talk to them about your ideas and make sure they are a good listener. If they seem really excited and willing, then this may be your match.  If they are hesitant because they have better ideas, then you may want to let them know “you’ll get back to them.”

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer

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It’s a big day.  Being understood by your photographer will not only give you less to worry and think about, but it will turn taking pictures into a joy so you can look back on your wedding pictures and remember the fun of the moment rather than the stress of the day.

If your big day is approaching, congratulations!  Check out!

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer
You want your wedding day to be perfect?
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